Neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 ist erschienen

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Neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 ist erschienen

Beitragvon Anke » Mo 29. Mai 2017, 07:26

Wie gestern auf der Scribus-Mailingliste bekannt gegeben wurde, ist die neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 erschienen.

Wie Craig Bradney schreibt, ist diese Version so stabil wie einst die 1.33 bevor die 1.4 erschienen ist. Jedoch sollte sich jeder Nutzer bedenken, das es nach wie vor eine Entwicklerversion ist und es nach wie vor zu Fehlern kommen kann.

Entwicklerziele bis zur 1.5.4 sind:
  • erneuerung des Paletten-Systems in Scribus
  • Update der Programmabhängigkeiten mit einer Erweiterung zu Qt 5.6
  • Implementierung Aufbausystemen
Hier der Originaltext:

Message: 1
Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 11:49:51 +0200
From: Craig Bradney <>
To: Scribus User Mailing List <>
Subject: [scribus] Scribus 1.5.3 Release
Message-ID: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

The Scribus Team is proud to announce the release of development release 1.5.3, another major step on the way to Scribus 1.6.0.
In addition to being a milestone in terms of typographic features, the Scribus Team is convinced that 1.5.3 has become stable enough to be used in new workflows and documents in a similar way to the transition from 1.3.3.x to 1.4.0 after the release of version 1.3.6. However, care must be taken, because this is still a development release.
Scribus 1.5.3 is very fast and has been thoroughly tested. Generally, everything that works reliably in 1.4.x also works in 1.5.3, but it's faster and more versatile. On top of that, it includes additional and already overwhelmingly reliant features galore.

Most Important Changes
- The most important change isn't immediately visible, namely a completely rewritten text layout engine, which supports complex scripts like Arabic, Hindi or Thai, as well as providing access to advanced OpenType features, such as ligatures and alternate glyphs.
- Altogether, about 500 languages and/or scripts are supported. Please note that as of version 1.5.3, Scribus is supposed to render these diverse writing systems, which still needs thorough testing by those who are familiar with them.
- Typing on the canvas and text rendering in general has become a lot faster.
- Previews for fonts are now available in font selectors.
- The "Text" tab has been removed from the Properties Palette and is now a separate UI palette.
- The performance of copying and pasting objects in/from/to files with huge color palettes has been vastly improved.
- An import filter for Krita's KRA format has been added.
- Scribus now follows the XDG standard for configuration files. Therefore, the Scribus preferences directory has moved from ~/.scribus/ to a new default location: ~/.config/scribus/
- Color selectors display the color values as a tooltip.
- A longstanding problem with the launch option for an external image editing program has been resolved. Until version 1.5.3 it was necessary to manually close the external program before it could be started again from within Scribus. This is no longer necessary.
- The "Wikipedia RAL Classic" color palette has been updated, this time using Wikipedia's LAB color values.
- A script called "Caption" has been included, which adds a text frame to an image frame, based on the latter's proportions.
- The "Autoquote" scripts now supports inverted guillemets via the "de-g" parameter.
- Code improvements have been made based on recommendations from using both the Coverity scan tool ( and the "clazy" tool ( These changes improved efficiency, removed bugs and improved security.
- Countless bugs, mostly introduced with the new features in earlier releases of 1.5.x, have been fixed. For details see the 1.5.3svn changelog ( ... ion_id=102)

New Dependencies
- As of version 1.5.3, the minimum Qt version to compile the program is 5.5.
- harfbuzz and libicu, as well as the related development packages are now required.

- Some newly introduced features, like footnotes, may not function as desired, at least not yet.
- The file format may undergo some changes between the current release and 1.6.0, so we advise caution when it comes to workflows that use automated document generation or parsing.
- Vertical writing systems aren't supported for the time being, but support will be added in a later release.
- The Online Help hasn't been completely updated, and it won't be until the final 1.6.0 release.

Special Credits
- This version builds significantly on the code from 1.5.2 with the work that the Oman House of Open Source Technology team, led by Khaled Hosny, delivered.
- 1.5.3 uses all of the remainder of the code, and we have Fahad Al-Saidi to thank for his continued work and especially for the bug triaging and code changes.
- Andreas Vox introduced a layout cache to speed up text rendering.
- William Bader has fixed the issue of launching several instances of an external image editing program.
- Contributions to GUI translations via participants on the Transifex translation platform

Primary Download Locations
- Installation packages for Windows, Mac OS X, a Linux AppImage and the source code are available here: ... vel/1.5.3/
- Fedora and CentOS RPMs:
- OpenSUSE, SLED, and SLES RPMs:
- Packaging for other Linux distributions, *BSD, Solaris and OpenIndiana is beyond our influence. We recommend updating the respective repository data on a regular basis.
- Windows Portable App: ... table#test

Download Verification

Please visit the official announcement on for Sha256 and Sha1 checksums.

Expectations for Scribus 1.5.4
- An entire rebuild of the palette system used in Scribus, enabling a cleaner and more flexible GUI
- Updates to dependencies, with a likely increase to Qt 5.6
- Migration of build systems or targeted versions of operating systems to later versions

The Scribus Team would like to thank and Modirum for their continued hosting of all of the Scribus websites.

We are grateful to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and Linux New Media (Germany) for sponsoring.

The Scribus Team is also honored to have Resene Colours (New Zealand), dtp studio Oldenburg (Germany), Scientific Illustration Services Corp. (USA), the Newspaper Association of America (USA), Software Consulting Services (USA), freieFarbe e.V. (Germany), bauwerk Kommunikationsdesign (Germany) as Special Supporters and donors of color palettes and other content since the 1.4.x release, just like we are grateful to the owner of Vector Portal for the permission to distribute some of his work as Scribus Templates.
Porting Scribus to OS/2 and eComStation is being supported by Serenity Systems (USA).

Finally, the Scribus Team would like to thank the many end users, translators, testers and contributors who helped us with this release.

An HTML version of this announcement with screenshots is availble here:
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Re: Neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 ist erschienen

Beitragvon Tipper » Di 30. Mai 2017, 10:18

Hallo Anke,

danke für die Nachricht. Jetzt wenn man wüßte... :?:

Hat jemand Erfahrung mit der 1.5.3 bzw. mit den svn-Versionen 1.5.3 bisher?

Kann man damit stabil arbeiten, oder soll man lieber bei 1.4.6 bleiben? Technischer Fortschritt wäre ja einerseits schön, aber auf eine instabile Version wechseln (und mit den Dateien dann nicht mehr auf 1.4.6 zurück können) will ich ja auch nicht.

Viele Grüße
Manchmal hilft Abtupfen des Himmels mit hochprozentigem Alkohol.
(aus: TITANIC, Aus Eugen Egners Püppchenstudio)

Tipper verwendet Scribus 1.4.6 und seit 6/2017 auch Scribus 1.5.3 unter Windows 7-64.

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Re: Neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 ist erschienen

Beitragvon utnik » Di 30. Mai 2017, 17:50

hallo tipper

ich arbeite schon eine weile je nach projekt mit 1.5.3svn oder mit 1.4.6.
bisher hatte ich keine grösseren probleme. (mit 1.5.2 hatte ich diese…)


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Re: Neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 ist erschienen

Beitragvon Tipper » Di 30. Mai 2017, 18:41

Hallo utnik,

danke! Dann werde ich das mal installieren... :pluseins:

Manchmal hilft Abtupfen des Himmels mit hochprozentigem Alkohol.
(aus: TITANIC, Aus Eugen Egners Püppchenstudio)

Tipper verwendet Scribus 1.4.6 und seit 6/2017 auch Scribus 1.5.3 unter Windows 7-64.

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Re: Neue Entwicklerversion 1.5.3 ist erschienen

Beitragvon Laser » Mi 7. Jun 2017, 22:08


Probleme hatte ich immer nur bei neueren Qt-Versionen - blödes Rolling Release^^

Archlinux, Scribus 1.4.6, 1.4.7 und 1.5.3...

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