Scribus 1.4.6 veröffentlicht

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Scribus 1.4.6 veröffentlicht

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Heute teilte Christoph Schäfer die Veröffentlichung von Scribus 1.4.6 mit.

Scribus 1.4.6 ist fast ausschließlich eine Fehlerkorrektur mit vielen Korrekturen die für die Developerversion 1.5.x geschrieben wurden. Eine weitere Developer Version 1.5.1 wird voraussichtlich kurz nach der Veröffentlichung von 1.4.6 stattfinden und einige spannende neue Feature beinhalten.

Die wichtigsten Änderungen in 1.4.6
  • Scribus 1.4.6 unterstützt endlich den SVG blend modes
  • Verbesserungen für Scribus's PDF Export
  • Verbesserung der Silbentrennung
  • Übersetzungen und Dokumentation der Updates
  • Ab Version 1.4.6 beinhaltet Scribus vier weitere Farbpaletten: CIE, LAB und CIE HLC, beide sind verfügbar in einer CMYK und RGB Version.
Alle Änderungen können in unserer Bugliste nachgelesen werden. --> ... =1.4.6.svn

Originaltext auf Scribus-Liste hat geschrieben:The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.4.6.

Scribus 1.4.6 is almost exclusively a bugfixing and update release, including many corrections backported from the development candidate 1.5.x, whose next iteration 1.5.1 is supposed to be released soon after 1.4.6 with some exciting new features.

Most Important Changes

- Scribus 1.4.6 finally supports SVG blend modes.
- Improvements to Scribus's PDF export.
- Improvements to hyphenation.
- Translation and documentation updates.
- As of version 1.4.6, Scribus includes four new color palettes, namely CIE LAB and CIE HLC, both of which are available in a CMYK and an sRGB version. They refer to affordable color fans that use an open and non-proprietary color model.

The complete changelog is available here: ... =1.4.6.svn

Primary Download Locations

- Installation packages for Windows, Mac OS X and the source code are available here: ... ibus/1.4.6

- Fedora and CentOS RPMs:

- OpenSUSE, SLED, and SLES RPMs:

- A ZIP archive for OS/2 Warp 4 and eComStation will be available soon after this announcement under: ... ibus/1.4.6.

- A portable version for Windows will be available soon after this announcement under: ... 0Portable/.

- Packaging for other Linux distributions, *BSD, Solaris and OpenIndiana is beyond our influence. We recommend updating the respective repository data on a regular basis.

Download Verification

- Source code file: scribus-1.4.6.tar.xz Sha256sum: 21e336500d9edc9c90ccf73087e5ef3df59ec3e4a3cbfec15367bcd8d078a19a Sha1sum: f04a2eecfb531af4beb99645f85165be161b00a3

- Source code file: scribus- Sha256sum: 1e13bb826da0920d4f0cb3e22d4014ea74aeec7ddccd5d65d03f0f283c1561ab Sha1sum: 4b4a9644201749933a79057d727b58a0f584368f

- OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.x) or higher, Intel x86: scribus-1.4.6.dmg Sha256sum: db818ae3a69ca16c1b3fb873b55903062f7b81f42d7adcc64a61ee93bf95727e Sha1sum: b97cfd5974925c332bd4d891a06f36ea62b8593c

- Windows 32/64 Bit: scribus-1.4.6-windows.exe Sha256sum: 7a3c24985d397fc149fb1b4852bb6bb911722c8b2ed44b04e350059a93ed5f4b Sha1sum: 5818b5c57dad4e23d7bddb15486c852ec1b9e1b0

- Windows 64 Bit: scribus-1.4.6-windows-x64.exe Sha256sum: 267853dadfbf97309f4fe780fc8da5b2807739a473ae1e58b0c90c5ee6ea2212 Sha1sum: e3449ecba66675125faa5b31625ae8d6d4de0e4a


The Scribus Team would like to thank and Modirum for their continued hosting of all of the Scribus websites.

We are grateful to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and Linux New Media (Germany) for sponsoring.

The Scribus Team is also honored to have Resene Colours (New Zealand), dtp studio Oldenburg (Germany), GiveLife Color System (Spain), Scientific Illustration Services Corp. (USA), the Newspaper Association of America (USA) and Software Consulting Services (USA) as Special Supporters and donors of color palettes and other content since the 1.4.x release, just like we are grateful to the owner of Vector Portal for the permission to distribute some of his work as Scribus Templates.

Porting Scribus to OS/2 and eComStation is being supported by Mensys BV (The Netherlands) and Serenity Systems (USA).

For this release we also want to express our special thanks to Holger Everding, dtp studio Oldenburg and the initiative FreieFarbe/FreeColour for making available the CIE palettes to Scribus users under a CC license.

Finally, the Scribus Team would like to thank the many end users, translators, testers and contributors who helped us with this release.

An HTML version of this announcement is available under:
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